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Sony had plans to dominate 3D TV from the start, but they already have plenty of 3D competition.

Phillips 3D HDTV does NOT require any special 3D glasses to view depth plus other 3D effects!

Samsung 3D TV promotional video shows stingray swimming out of TV screen into a living room.

Samsung 3D TV Launch on March 2, 2010 makes it clear they are a leader in 3D technology too.

Intel CES booth shows how computers and TV can merge offline and online 3D content together.

3D Television has arrived. 2010 is the year HDTV finally gets its Third Dimension!

3D TV shoot-out: Samsung 3D LCD vs. Panasonic plasma (3/12/10)

Rave review for Panasonic 50-inch Viera VT20 3D HDTV (3/11/10)

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At last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held January 7-10 2010, 3D was THE buzzword! From 3D TV to 3D movies to 3D games and even 3D sports networks, there has been a massive shift in focus. The new 3D race is ON! The 3D movie Avatar becoming the all-time movie box office champion has had a lot to do with it. But, there is more to it than that. 3D technology will become much more affordable as time goes on. If you have waited to buy your new HD TV, chances are good you will want to get a 3D model. This new push will also help to bring HD TV models down in price significantly. If you already bought a new HD TV recently, don't worry about it now!

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